About me


Hi I'm Issy

I´m your adventure loving photographer

I love natural light and here is southern Spain we are really spoiled with the long summer days and beautiful sunsets that can make your day so magical. I love chasing light and capturing candid moments using prompts and guiding you through movement instead of rigid poses. I want you to feel comfortable in front of the camera and give you natural looking photographs you will love and treasure forever

Get to know me

I started my wedding photography business in 2009


Mum to my fur baby Kuma, my rescued Spanish Mastin. 

I´m a complete chocaholic and I love to cook and bake!

I love traveling to far away places.  There´s something special and exciting about getting on a long haul flight.

Hiking and getting lost in the countryside is my idea of heaven, especially if I remembered to bring chocolate!

I have another website dedicated to my Wildlife and Travel photography called Silverwolf Photography

My Story

I was born in England and started my traveling life at the early age of two weeks!  I spent 11 months in Africa in Zaire (the Congo) and then it was onto Spain where I grew up. I share my parents love for Spain, the food, the people and the culture and not forgetting the amazing weather! With an English mother and a French father I have also felt very multi cultural.  In fact during a very long time in my early childhood I was convinced I was Spanish. Thanks to my multi cultural upbringing I am fluent in all three languages. Although I don´t remember my time in Africa it is a place I hold dear and dream of being able to go on safari one day and travel around this amazing continent.

For me growing up around Malaga was all about being outdoors going on bike rides or looking for insects and caterpillars in the campo. I love hiking and being in the mountains.  The smell of wet earth mixed with the pine trees in the early morning I find extremely energizing and refreshing! 

I have a great passion for being outdoors and wildlife. I completed my degree in Wildlife Photography and then did a Masters in International Journalism. I then decided to travel and spent several months in India, in a Tibetan refugee camp teaching English and living the most amazing experiences such as going to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lamas’ teachings and photographing so many amazing people.

I moved on to Japan and lived there just under a year working and practicing martial arts. Martial arts has played a very big part in my life and that world has taught me and brought me so much.

I then went back to the UK in 2009 and started my business in wedding photography with the help and support of some very good friends I had made in my university years.  In 2014 it was time for a change and to return to my beloved Spain.  I started all over again and rebuilt my business. The Costa del Sol has so many amazing venues; hotels, private villas, haciendas, old monasteries turned hotels, beach fronts, cortijos and castles to name a few.  There is so much history here and something for all tastes.  Spain can offer you long summer days with stunning scenery and don´t forget those sunsets!  If you’re a foodie like me then you are going to love the food too!  Spain has so much to offer you will be spoiled for choice! The south of Spain really is the best place for your destination wedding.

My Why

It´s about those emotions you can´t get back, your friends and family you haven't seen in a long time and the special moments you all share together.  It´s about capturing and immortalising those moments with your loved ones. I feel it is very important to make sure you have photographs you can treasure for ever of your friends and family.

My favourite part of the wedding process is when I get to deliver your photographs to you.  The reactions of my couples reliving their day, reliving the wonderful emotions and remembering moments they had forgotten or too busy to notice on their wedding day. You get to see it all properly again and again through your photographs. To me, this is magical.

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