Frequently asked Questions

How long have you been a wedding photographer? I´ve been a wedding photographer for over ten years.  


How do we receive our images?  Your images are sent to you as digital files through WeTransfer 


How long does it take to receive our photos?  It takes about six to eight weeks for your images to be processed and edited.  Once they are finished, they are sent to you via WeTransfer.  


Do we get a selection in black and white?  I absolutely love black and white images, so you receive a full copy of your photos in black and white as well as a full copy in colour.  A selected few will have sepia tones or other finishes.  


Do you edit our wedding photos? Yes I edit and process all my own work.  


Are our photographs watermarked? You receive a full copy in high resolution for your own private use which are not watermarked and a second copy in low resolution ready to post on social media which are watermarked.  This is to protect you and me from unauthorised people using the images.  


Do you offer engagement sessions? I do and I find them to be very useful and important to get the best out of your wedding day. Engagement sessions or pre-wedding sessions allow us to get to know each other much better before your big day.  This means that when it comes to taking your couple photographs you are far more relaxed in front of the camera and have a better idea of what will happen, resulting in more confident and relaxed images.  Secret engagement photo sessions are also available.  If you are thinking of proposing and would like that magic moment photographed then please get in touch.  I will help you with locations and we can sort out a photo session either straight after the proposal or the following day.  


Should we do an engagement session? Yes! If you are going to be here a few days before your wedding or even a few months before your wedding whilst you are sorting out the final details I strongly suggest we book it in.  You will feel a lot more confident on your wedding day and be so much more relaxed that it will show through in your photographs.  


Can we share our photos with friends and family? Absolutely! You can print them from your high resolution files to give out or you can share them online with the low resolution ones for your friends and family to share and tag themselves.  


Do you take formal family photos? I do, but this is completely up to you. I always recommend my couples create a list of about 10-12 groups.  Obviously you can have more groups but if you consider that each group takes around two minutes to do, ten groups will take 20 minutes.  I want you to enjoy your wedding day and be with all your guests as much as possible.  The more groups you have the longer you are away from the party.  


How many photos will we receive? This really depends on each individual wedding but on average for an eight hour wedding you will receive more than 500 original photos making it 1000 photos with the black and white duplicates.  


Do you offer albums? Absolutely! I offer Graphi Studio albums which are one of the best on the market.  They are not your average wedding album, they are master pieces and so customisable no one will ever have one like yours!  These are albums you will be proud to keep out and not tucked away in a cupboard somewhere.  Parental albums are also available and they are a great gift and keepsake to give to your parents or grandparents.  If you would like to view some of the albums, let me know and I will bring them to our next meeting.  


We are quite camera shy and don’t like posing, do we need to pose for photos?  I hate the word posing, it’s so unnatural.  I try to get the best out of you by guiding you through different movements rather than poses.  I always like to keep you moving and even talking to each other.  Sometimes I’ll ask you questions to make you think about each other which brings out those amazing smiles!  


Are you the one who will be taking our photos?  Yes.  I never send other photographers on my behalf.  The only time this would happen is if I were incapacitated following an accident for example. Very large weddings may require a second photographer or even a third! But I will always be the main photographer.

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