Wedding information & prices

First, I'd like to extend a big congratulations on your upcoming wedding. By now, you must be very busy planning and organising your special day and your photographs are one of the most important parts of your wedding day.


Your photographer is the one responsible for capturing the memories that will last a life time. You want photographs that let your personalities shine and make your wedding stand out. Photographs that you are proud to show to all your family and friends for years to come. My work is very important to me and I like to treat my couples the way I would like to be treated and taken care of if it were my wedding. As a reportage photographer, I like to document the entire day as it happens in the most unobtrusive and discrete way. I don't like to spend time checking images off a list, I want to give my couples a more personal touch.  


Pre-wedding photography sessions

I want to be able to give you a personalised touch. Each wedding is different and each couple is different. For this reason, I like to meet all my couples before the wedding. I want to be able to go through the day with you and discuss the images you want captured but also to talk about you and get to know you. I need you to be relaxed in front of the camera to be able to get the best out of you. Doing pre-wedding photo sessions allows you to get to know me as well and become a lot more comfortable in front of the camera beforehand.  I show you the photographs as we go along to give you peace of mind that they are exactly what you had in mind. I cannot stress how important these pre-wedding photo sessions are. You will be spending a few days in Spain talking to different suppliers and your photo session can be included in that period, even if it is several months before your wedding day.    


There is no limit to how many pre-wedding sessions you can have. The more the merrier, as the more we do together, the more natural you will be in front of the camera on the day of your wedding.


Post-wedding photography session

As well as having pre-wedding photo sessions, I believe having a post wedding photo session to be equally important. I want you to enjoy as much of your wedding day as possible and I don't want to take you away from your guests and your party for a long period of time to do your photographs. The best way is to have a post wedding photo session. It can be a couple of days after your wedding or even a year after your wedding. By doing your wedding photographs after your wedding day it lifts a lot of stress off the two of you. You are no longer distracted by a timetable and you can truly enjoy your time together making your photographs much more natural. You can wear your wedding outfits or you can wear other clothes. You can also use your post-wedding session as an anniversary photo shoot instead. I'll be so happy to see you again and maybe even meet new members of your family!


Adventure style portrait sessions 

Bring out your adventurous side in some of Spain's most beautiful countryside. Make the most of your wedding in this picturesque country by including an adventure style portrait session.  These can be dome after your wedding in your in your wedding attire, give yourself the pleasure of wearing your wedding dress again and get photographs with that wow factor!

"WOW!!! Thank you so much they are perfect! We are so glad we did it! I don't know how we are going to choose some favourites!!"

- Louisa & Dean



Full Day Coverage

     1600€ + IVA 

  • A pre-wedding consultation to talk about your day, your ideas and any questions you may have.

  • Up to eight hours of photography

  • All your images professionally edited and given to you at high resolution for your personal use

  • A full copy in Black & White as well as your colour images  

  • A second full set in low resolution ready for posting on social media  


  • A selection of photographs posted on my Facebook page as a Sneak Peak as soon as your photographs are edited so that you can share them on social media whilst you wait for your completed gallery to arrive                                                                                                         

Full Day Coverage

& Parties      1900€ + IVA 

This package includes all of the full day coverage with the addition of:

  • Coverage of your pre-wedding party

  • Coverage of your post- wedding BBQ party

Cover the entire experience of your marriage in Spain by including your pre-wedding party and your BBQ the following day.

VIP Premium Portrait Coverage       3600€ + IVA

This package includes all of the full day coverage with the addition of:

  • Premium pre-wedding photography session in 3 different locations

  • Premium post-wedding photography session in 3 different locations.

  • A deluxe handmade Italian album

The premium photography sessions are designed for you to make the most of your portrait sessions in this beautiful country whilst you celebrate your wedding.  With different locations to choose from you can have stunning and stress free images in a typical Spanish white village, beautiful beach photos or breath taking photographs in Spanish wilderness to name just a few locations.  

"With regards to the sneak peek – just WOW we love the ones you have shown us already and cannot wait to see all the rest. Really exciting."

- Craig & Christopher


These are not normal wedding albums, they are master pieces. Handmade Italian albums that are so customisable that yours can be completely unique. These are albums you will want to proudly display and show to all your friends and family.

Albums are the perfect way to preserve the memories of your day. Your Children or loved ones will one day love looking at all the wonderful photographs of your big day. These are albums that will become family heirlooms.

I also offer parental albums which are a perfect gift to give to your parents or even grandparents. They come in sets of two and are a copy of your main album in a Dust Jacket cover and smaller in size than your main album.

Contact me and I can talk you through the process and go over all the choices you have to create your perfect wedding album.

I love what I've seen and I'd love to chat!